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and we'll learn how many americans tuned in for round three of the obama/romney debate. we are getting an early idea of how the audience scored this match. >> reporter: that's right. a big night in politics, right? and in a cbs news flash full of uncommitted voters that was taken immediately after the debate, 53% said that they believe president obama won. 23% bheefd that romney was the -- believed that romney was the winner that time around and 24% said it was a tie. and while tonight was supposed to be about foreign affairs, both candidate brought up domestic policy repeatedly. it is the final debate and it didn't take long for the punches to start flying. >> i congratulate him for going after al-qaeda but we can't kill ourselves out of this mess. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest threat facing america you said russia. not al-qaeda, you said russia. in the 1980s or not, that's the foreign policy. the cold war has been over for years. >> i'm not going to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to russia. after the election he'll get more back bone. >> reporter
very big to disclose about president obama. he said he'll tweet it out tomorrow. you may remember, donald trump is a birther. he insists the president was not born in the ups. not to be outdone, magnet and attorney, she has some "juicy information" about mitt romney's supporters. allred is an obama supporter. >> we learned another person was in a plane in contra costa county. a plane went down in a, a field. and witnesses tell us they heard the plane sputter before the crash. the pilot and passenger were killed. >>> off the santa barbara coast, shark attack claimed the life after surfer. a friend dragged the man to shore. neither he nor paramedics could save him. almost two years ago to the day arc college student died from the shark attack in the area. >> pretty well-known, like you said, there are sharks and we have had shark sightings up and down the coastline pretty frequently recently. >> there's only averages 16 shark attacks a year in the united states and few are fatal. in july, a man escaped injury near santa cruz after being thrown through his kayak, when the shark bit t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)